Nutty Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Agrees With Obama… Business Owners Don’t Create Squat

On Saturday, Barack Obama lashed out at successful business owners, telling them:
“You didn’t build this. Somebody else built this.”

Yesterday, fake Indian Elizabeth Warren came to Obama’s defense and agreed with him.
The Boston Herald reported:

Elizabeth Warren yesterday came to the defense her former boss President Obama’s controversial statement that businesses’ owners can’t take credit for their success, repeating her own campaign line that, “nobody got rich on their own.”

Warren’s reiteration of her statement — which became an iconic and controversial cornerstone of her campaign — comes as conservatives have leapt on Obama for saying “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Warren said during a campaign stop in Dorchester yesterday, “I think the basic notion is right. Nobody got rich on their own. Nobody. People worked hard, they build a business, God bless, but they moved their goods on roads the rest of us helped build, they hired employees the rest of us helped educate, they plugged into a power grid the rest of us helped build,” she said.

“The rest of us made those investments because we wanted businesses to flourish, we wanted them to grow, we wanted them to create opportunity for all of us. That’s what we do together. We get richer as a country when we make those investments.”

Republicans have cast Obama’s statement as a big government hit against independent business owners. Mitt Romney has used it in fundraising, calling it “a slap in the face to the American Dream.”

Warren called government investments “a good thing,” charging that, “the Republican vision of the future is just to continue to make cuts and not to make those investments.”

Good golly, that fake Indian is nuts.


More… Legal Insurrection added this: Thank you Elizabeth Warren (for possibly costing Obama the election)

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