Not Good: Is MO GOP Candidate Brad Lager Financed By Stimulus and O-care?

Missouri State Senator Brad Lager is running for Lt. Governor.
The Republican state senator has a whole lot going for him. He’s young, ambitious, has a lovely family, and is linked in with top Republican donors. But there’s at least one little detail that has Missouri Republicans talking…
He’s linked to ObamaTax and the stimulus.

Lager’s job with Cerner is officially titled as a “senior strategic analyst” in Cerner Corp’s Government Affairs section, though he’s been accused by some of being a lobbyist for Cerner while simultaneously serving as a State Senator.

Dana Loesch at Big Government reported:

Betrayal: Mo GOP Candidate Financed By Stimulus and Obamacare?

While state lieutenant governor races don’t usually make big news, Missouri’s race is slightly different. The Republican primary between incumbent Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and MO State Senator Brad Lager has intensified, with Lager dropping cash on a heavy media campaign that some have questioned for content accuracy. It’s big money to spend for a state-wide race, but money comes easy when corporations who receive federal bailouts from the 2009 Stimulus and Obamacare help to fund your campaign…

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