More Smart Diplomacy… US Ambassador to Kenya Resigns After Threatening to Shoot Staff in the Head

More Smart Diplomacy
US Ambassador to Kenya resigns after threatening to shoot staff in the head.
Via KTNKenya TV:

Obama’s giving him the Netanyahu glare.

The Telegraph

Scott Gration, who had led the US embassy in Nairobi since February last year, stepped down late last week, citing “differences with Washington regarding my leadership style”.

It is understood that the State Department’s inspector general is preparing to release a scathing report on Mr Gration, who is a close ally of President Barack Obama, following an extensive internal inquiry.

The former Air Force major general is said to have shown a “confrontational” and eccentric style of micromanagement that caused low morale and complaints among embassy staff.

Mr Gration repeatedly engaged in battles with employees and, according to a report by Foreign Policy, threatened at one point to “shoot them in the head” if they did not comply.

It is also alleged that Mr Gration might have lost his security clearance after the inquiry found he had used a personal email account for official business and set up an office in an embassy lavatory in order to get around the building’s secure network.

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