Mitt Romney Tells Lib Media: Obamacare Is a Tax (Video)

Mitt Romney told CBS today that Obamacare is a tax.
The title they chose for their video was “Romney sides with Supreme Court on health care law” which is completely inaccurate. Romney did not side with the Supreme Court on their decision he just agreed that this was the court’s ruling.

ABC-Yahoo reported:

Mitt Romney steered his campaign message back in line with other top Republicans today, insisting that the health care law’s individual mandate that requires most Americans to buy health insurance was “a tax.”

“The majority of the court said it is a tax, and therefore it is a tax,” Romney said in an interview with CBS Wednesday, citing the Supreme Court’s health law ruling last week that the individual mandate fell under the federal government’s authority to levy taxes and was therefore constitutional.

“They have spoken. There’s no way around that. You can try and say you wish they had decided a different way, but they didn’t.”

Romney’s comments came days after senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom rejected the notion that the individual mandate imposed a “tax,” saying instead that it was a “penalty.”

It’s not just a tax – It’s the largest tax in history. Something Democrats forgot to tell the American public when they were ramming their socialized medicine down our throats.

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