Michelle Obama a Big Hit With Lady Wrestlers

Michelle Obama shows her class at the Olympics.

This is the official representative of our nation?  How classy.  Our “dignified” First Lady let a U.S. wrestling Olympian pick her up and parade her around.

The Daily Mail reported,

Michelle Obama is known for her toned physique and strong arms.

But when she came face to face with the U.S. Olympic wrestling team, she was distinctly outgunned by the fighting champions.

And the First Lady had no defence against the feisty wrestler who decided to pick her up and parade her in front of her fellow athletes.

Of course, there was no coercion involved in the hilarious encounter – Mrs Obama was happy to let Elena Pirozhkova show off her strength at the meet-and-greet on Friday.

Can’t imagine Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, or Ann Romney would ever allow themselves to be in this undignified position, much less as an official representative of our nation.  At least Michelle Obama wasn’t wearing her $6,800 jacket, so it wouldn’t get wrinkled.

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