Man Mistakes Stranger at Mall For His Wife – Slaps Her

A Jordanian man rushed into a shop at a mall recently and slapped a shopper. He mistook the woman for his wife.
Emirates 24-7 reported:

That’s my wife! Assuming that the lady in the mall was his wife, a Jordanian man slapped her, only to realise he had attacked the wrong woman.

Arabic daily Al Sawsana reported that a mall in Jordan was shocked when a man barged in and charged at a woman. The astonished woman began screaming for help.

The man who was passing by the mall thought he had spotted his wife shopping without his permission.


Without a second glance, the man rushed in and hit the woman.

The woman began screaming for help.

Soon, however, there was pin-drop silence in the mall when the man realised the woman was not his wife.

She was a close look-alike though.

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