Jewish Group Releases Powerful Anti-Obama Ad: “He’s Going to Place Israel in Position Where They’re in Danger” (Video)

“I was a big Obama supporter. I had a fundraiser in my home, gave money to his campaign. I really believed in him and believed in what he stood for. When he gave the speech about the ‘67 borders, it was nothing that had come up in his campaign originally. That really changed my mind about him. When he had the prime minister of Israel, [Benjamin] Netanyahu, to the White House…he was disrespectful to him to the point that I’d never seen.”

Disillusioned Obama voter Michael Goldstein, in an ad by the Republican Jewish Coalition

“In his second term we’re going to see the real Barack Obama… He’s going to place Israel in a position where they’re in danger.”
(Actually, he already has.)


The Republican Jewish Coalition released its first anti-Obama ad this week.

The far left Washington Post reported:

The Republican Jewish Coalition is launching a $6.5 million campaign to convince Jewish voters — among the most loyal segments of the Democratic coalition — that it is okay to vote against President Obama because of his stand on Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The campaign is aimed at key Jewish areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, where the RNC hopes to swing just enough votes to tip those states in Mitt Romney’s electoral vote column.

RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks told us that the ad push will be accompanied by a Web site,, in which people can upload videos expressing their own thoughts on Obama and Israel. Brooks said the remarks by Goldstein were edited down from a 25-minute conversation.

This doesn’t bode well for Democrats.
Even the Jewish vote is waking up to Obama’s destruction.

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