Islamic Spring… Muslim Mob Tosses Man from Window (Video)

Islamic Spring.
A Muslim mob in Syria tossed a reported Assad supporter from a window to his death.
(Warning on violence)

The National Post reported, via Bare Naked Islam:

A video posted on YouTube to the LiveLeaks website appears to show Islamists throwing a man to his death after forcing him from a third-floor window in Syria.

According to the site, the cameraman says, “This is what happens to all traitors who support the police or Shabbiha [Syrian government militia.]” The man, identified as Abu Wael Rashid, screams, “In God’s name, don’t!” as he is forced out of the window.

The video was shot last week at a block of flats in Nabk, 80 kilimetres north of Damascus. Both sides in the Syrian conflict have been condemned by human rights organizations for abuses, including torture

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