Hit Show “White Collar” Debuts New Shady Con-Man Character Named ‘Barry Soetoro’

Mozzie, Neal, Peter, Elizabeth (Peter’s wife)

Life mimics art – Art mimics life
The show “White Collar” will introduce a shady con-man character named ‘Barry Soetoro.’
World Net Daily reported:

It appears “Barry Soetoro,” the name Barack Obama went by as a child in Indonesia, has surfaced again on the islands – the islands of Cape Verde off the African coast.

The name has been resurrected in the popular TV show “White Collar,” where one of the characters – a con-man and conspiracy theorist who is friend to document forgers, no less – has fled to the islands and is using “Soetoro” as a pseudonym.

“Barry” was introduced last week as the new alias for the character “Mozzie” in “Wanted,” the premiere episode of the show’s fourth season.

“White Collar,” a show nominated at the People’s Choice Awards for “Favorite TV Obsession” and “Favorite Cable TV Drama,” is the ongoing story of a con-man and art thief who teams with the FBI agent who first caught him as a way of commuting a prison sentence. “Mozzie” is the con-man’s friend and partner in nefarious deeds. The show airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on the USA Network, and older episodes can be streamed on Netflix.

And according to clues from the show’s creators, “Barry Soetoro” may make yet more appearances this season.

In a Twitter post earlier this year, the show’s writer, Jeff Eastin, wrote, “White Collar season 4 mini-spoiler quiz: Mozzie will use the alias [blank] Soetoro this year. Fill in the blank.”..

…In “Wanted,” the character is introduced by a coffee shop owner complaining that “Barry” has been trying to “unionize my workers,” to which the con-man responds, “Viva health care!”

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