OH NO!… Dems to Target GOP Candidates With Dreaded ObamaTax Club of Death

OH NO! Democrats are going to target Republican lawmakers with the dreaded ObamaTax club of death!

Please don’t beat us with the dreaded ObamaTax club!

Democrats promise to bludgeon Republicans with the dreaded ObamaTax club this week.
The Hill reported:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is launching a new campaign Monday targeting vulnerable GOP lawmakers on healthcare ahead of the House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Democrats are on offense as we expose these House Republicans for standing up for insurance companies and congressional perks instead of protecting consumers,” said DCCC Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.), in a statement announcing the drive. “For 18 months, Republicans have been on defense for protecting millionaires over Medicare and now they’re planning another vote to put insurance companies back in charge of our healthcare at the expense of middle-class families and consumers.”

The DCCC will target Republicans in 10 districts with robocalls, charging those lawmakers with placing the interests of insurance companies above voters.

Among the targets is Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.).

“After taking more than $120,000 from insurance companies, Congressman Lungren wants to put insurance companies back in charge of our healthcare,” says the script of one recorded call.

“Congressman Lungren already voted for deep cuts to Medicare to fund more tax breaks for millionaires and corporations. He even voted to protect the government healthcare plan for members of Congress that is funded with your tax dollars. But now he could vote to let insurance corporations cut back your health benefits,” it continues.

Similar calls will be placed against Republican Reps. Mary Bono Mack (Calif.), Robert Dold (Ill.), Judy Biggert (Ill.), Bobby Schilling (Ill.), Roscoe Bartlett (Md.), Nan Hayworth (N.Y.), Chris Gibson (N.Y.) and Anne Marie Buerkle (N.Y.)

60% of Americans still want the law repealed.


75% of Obamacare costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.

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