GOP Congressional Candidate Ann Wagner Speaks Out Against ObamaTax Law

Even after the Supreme Court ruled on ObamaCare, most Americans still want the law repealed.  Because, no matter how the Democrats deceitfully manipulated their unconstitutional law through the Supreme Court the American people continue to see it for what it is… a massive invasion of our individual sovereignty and a blight on our economy.  Of course, the Liberals embrace and celebrate this Obama-enforced pestilence on our country, which makes it even more critical that we elect Republican candidates committed to its repeal.

In a recent statement to Gateway Pundit on the Supreme Court decision, Missouri GOP Congressional candidate, Ann Wagner, denounced ObamaTax and vowed to repeal it.

From MO 2nd Congressional Candidate Ann Wagner:


Last week’s Supreme Court decision on Obamacare was a disappointing blow to every American’s personal freedom. However, the Court correctly identified the bill as exactly what every small business owner, entrepreneur, and hard working American has known from the beginning – that this bill is a massive tax increase.

The colossal government overreach this administration has pushed into every avenue of our American way of life is disgraceful. Yet, they have also misled and even masked their intentions to increase taxes and take our individual liberties away.

Perhaps even more frustrating than the court’s decision was the reaction of the Democrat Party leaders in Washington DC and across the country. We are in the midst of an economic recession; unemployment remains above 8% and millions have lost hope and left the workforce. In addition, 1 out of every 2 college graduates cannot find a job, fueling the belief that our children and grandchildren may never have a shot at the American Dream. Despite all this, liberal leaders celebrated last week’s decision.

Liberals in Washington joyously embraced one of the largest tax increases our Nation has ever seen and rejoiced in a verdict that penalizes job creators, the very engine of our economy. These same leaders gave ovations to the success of their efforts to put government in the driver’s seat of our citizens’ personal lives and increase dependence and reliance on a system they created.

When I get to Washington I will stop this madness.  I will fight alongside fellow conservatives in the House to repeal Obamacare. I will stand with fiscal conservatives as we cut spending, lower the debt and take our country back. Last Thursday, in a desperate attempt to get people to stop talking about Obamacare, President Obama said, “the highest court in the land has spoken.”  No Mr. President, We the People will have the final word come November.

Here’s Ann’s recent ad – “Moment”

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