Former Democrat Zell Miller Says a Late Life Christian Conversion Made Him Conservative

Former Democrat Senator and Governor Zell Miller lambasted far left MSNBC host Chris Matthews after he spoke at the 2004 RNC Convention in support of George W. Bush. At one point Miller told Matthews to “Get out of my face!” and challenged him to a duel.

This weekend the former governor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution what made him change his ways after all of those years as a Democrat. Miller explains it as a late life Christian conversion.
We could use a few more of those conversions right now.
The AJC reported:

it would be more accurate to say that Miller has turned inward. At times, he is his own harshest critic. Take that 2004 televised confrontation with Matthews.

“That was terrible. I embarrassed myself. I’d rather it had not happened,” Miller said. “But Chris Matthews is not one of my favorite people.”

For those who have tracked Miller’s career, one of the greatest unanswered questions has been the source of his last rightward turn. What sparked not only his admiration for President Bush, but turned him into a strict opponent of abortion and a harsh critic of this nation’s social mores?

Religion, Miller said. “I had a conversion. I had a late life conversion. I changed my views on several things. This had to do with my son going blind, and me having to carry him to the doctor with his hand on my shoulder,” Miller said. This was in the early 2000s. His son, Matt, had been a lifelong diabetic.

“I prayed and prayed that they could do something about his sight,” Miller said. The prayers seemed to work. “He can see pretty good out of one eye right now.”

But a bargain struck with God often transforms the petitioner more than the object of any plea. “I changed on a lot of things. Not just abortion, but my whole life in general. I was a pretty rough character in my younger days. I needed to change,” Miller said.

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