Donald Trump: Roberts Upheld the Law Because He Wanted to Be Loved By Lib Media (Video)

There’s really no other explanation.
His ruling made no sense – saying the law could only stand if the mandate was considered a tax but that it really was a penalty.

Donald Trump told FOX and Friends yesterday that Chief Justice Roberts upheld the law because he wanted to be loved by the lib media.

Transcript Via Real Clear Video:


“It’s a disaster and obviously it would have been better if it was knocked out, but Justice Roberts wanted to be loved by the Washington establishment. And by the way, he is now loved,” Donald Trump said about Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts’ decision to uphold the individual mandate in President Obama’s health care reform bill.

“Because the way they’re talking about him, it’s unbelievable. So he is a beloved man to the liberals and to the Washington establishment,” Trump added.

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