Disgusting!… Obama Paints Romney as a “Felon” In Latest Toxic Ad (Video)

Politics – Chicago Style–
In their latest attack ad the Obama Campaign labels Mitt Romney a felon.
This shot appeared for over six seconds on the screen during the ad.
Via The Weekly Standard:

Here’s the ad:

When all else fails call your opponent a felon.
The Weekly Standard reported:


The words, “FELONS” and “TAX RECORDS,” are displayed onscreen for at least six seconds, so the Obama campaign wants to make sure its viewers see the words.

Given the title of the ad–and the subject–the ad wants viewers to consider that Mitt Romney might not be releasing more tax returns because, the Obama campaign is suggesting, he might be a felon.

This isn’t the first time the Obama campaign has accused Romney of possibly being a felon. Last month, Stephanie Cutter, an Obama deputy campaign manager, said that Romney is either a liar or a felon.

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