Cops Find 30 Improvised Bombs in Aurora Gunman’s Apartment (Video)

Police found 30 improvised bombs in Aurora gunman James Holmes’s apartment.
The apartment was filled with booby-trapped bombs.

The New York Post reported:

A bomb squad has cleared yet another step in entering the booby-trapped apartment of the Colorado shooting suspect.

“We have been successful in disabling a second triggering device,” Aurora police Sgt. Cassiddee Carlson told reporters about 3 p.m. “Although not certain, we are hopeful that we have eliminated the remaining major threats. However, we will not know this until we enter the apartment.”

Authorities found about 30 softball-sized makeshift explosives inside the 800-square-foot apartment at 1690 Paris St. in suburban Aurora, a source told The Denver Post.

Bomb experts used a robot to drop a water bottle device inside the apartment and disable one trip device set up to explode once someone walked into the apartment, the paper reported.

Cops and firefighters running the operation first set off a small detonation in the apartment about 1:45 p.m.

Someone yelled “fire in the hole” a few times and then a fire engine horn honked. Then there was a pause of a few seconds and then a bang that was not much louder than a shotgun going off.

There was no fire or smoke, but it did blow out what remained of the window and its frame to the apartment of James Eagan Holmes, 24, the suspect in Friday’s mass shooting at a movie theater.

Alleged massacre madman James Holmes with died red hair. (NY Post)

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