Cardinal Dolan: The Obama Administration Wants to Divide the Catholic Church and Paint the Bishops as Bullies (Video)

Cardinal Timothy Dolan accused the Obama Administration of wanting to divide the Catholic Church, one of Alinsky’s favorite tactics.

“I don’t want to judge people, but I think there would be a drift in the administration that this is a good issue. And if we can divide the Catholic community because it’s already divided and if one can caricature the bishops as being hopelessly out of touch, these bullies who are trying to achieve judiciously and legislatively what they’ve been unable to achieve because their moral integrity has been compromised recently. There’s that force out there trying to caricature us…

…If we duct tape the role of religions and the churches that’s going to lead to a juge deficit a huge void. They want to fill it up. A new religion called secularism which would be as indoctrinaire and as infallible as they believe the church is. “

This O’Reilly Factor interview was recorded before the Catholic Church brought a lawsuit against the Obama Administration.

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