BUSTED! MO GOP Candidate Brad Lager Is Not So Honest About Creating Jobs (Video)

MO GOP Candidate Brad Lager says he’s a small business owner and job creator.

But, it’s not exactly honest.

MO GOP Lt. Governor candidate Brad Lager was on air yesterday with radio host, CNN contributor, and Breitbart editor Dana Loesch to discuss his record. During the interview Lager said he has great experience creating jobs and had built a small wireless phone company.


Less than an hour later, Lager was confronted by radio host Mark Reardon on his previous statements about his record. Lager was forced to admit that he left the wireless company, Northwest Missouri Cellular (NWMO Cellular), back in 2001 and is no longer on the company’s payroll and never actually owned the company. NWMO Cellular has not been listed on his Personal Financial Disclosures for 11 years. Lager then stumbled through a confusing answer about donating time to the company today even though he’s not getting paid.
Really Brad?

The video combines Brad Lager’s two radio segments from yesterday.
The first minute is with Dana Loesch. The second minute he is confronted by Mark Reardon.

Lager is currently employed by an Obamacare-linked company out of Kansas City.

Brad Lager needs to come clean and stop the dishonesty.

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