Breaking Video: Obama Donor Reveals Administration Told Him in 2009 “I have $134 Billion that I have to Disperse between Now and the End of December”

In 2009, Foundation Capital’s Paul Holland revealed at the Earth2Tech’s Green: Net 09 conference, that he was told by a top Obama official, “I have $134 billion that I have to disperse between now and the end of December.”
Via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

Buzzfeed reported:

Another video, unearthed by the RNC — which is seeking to blunt a searing Democratic attack on Republican Mitt Romney’s time at the help of Bain Capital — offers a sense of how venture capitalists who supported Obama viewed the green money.

In a video appearance from 2009, venture capitalist Paul Holland — who had given the maximum legal contribution to Obama, and whose companies received over 6 million in government dollars — described his feelings when heard about the billions up for grabs.

“He came in to do his talk and opened his talk with, ‘I’m Matt Rogers I am the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Energy and I have $134 billion that I have to disperse between now and the end of December,’” Holland told the audience. “So upon hearing that I sent an email to my partners that said Matt Rogers is about to get treated like a hooker dropped into a prison exercise yard.”

Holland continued: “And I had the lack of judgment to go up and share that with him and the other people who were all standing around him…Fortunately for me they all laughed and thought it was funny.”

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