Boston Globe Digs Up 10 Year Old Boston Globe Story to Smear Mitt Romney …Update: 3 Pinocchios

In case you haven’t followed the latest attempt by the Democrat-media complex to distract you from the economic devastation of the Obama Administration, here is all you need to know about the latest Boston Globe hit on Mitt.
Via Instapundit:

HARD-HITTING JOURNALISM: Big Boston Globe Hatchet Job on Romney Was Lifted from Far Left Mother Jones and TPM.

Hey, don’t knock Mother Jones. I’ve been in Mother Jones.

UPDATE: Prof. Jacobson writes that the recycling goes farther than that: “Actually, The Globe ran the story 10 years ago in 2002 and it was part of McCain’s oppo research book. The 2002 story was revived during the primaries this year when the McCain oppo research book was leaked. Question for TPM and Mother Jones, where did they get the story? Did they lift it from the Globe, which is too ignorant of its own archives to realize that they were first to the story by a decade?”

Plus: “It gets worse. The Globe has taken down the story temporarily and will give partial credit to TPM and Mother Jones for a story The Globe originated a decade ago!”

Team Obama said they would not apologize for calling Mitt Romney a felon.
It’s more of that civil discourse we were promised.

UPDATE: Here’s more on the smear job. Even the far left WaPo gave it 3 Pinocchios.
Via Instapundit:


ONLY 3? WaPo Fact Checker gives the Obama campaign 3 “Pinocchios” for using Bain’s SEC documents to portray Romney as a criminal. Well, somebody should give Mother Jones, the Boston Globe, and TPM a Pinocchio for not knowing where the story came from. . . .

UPDATE: Ed Rendell — Team Obama went “a little bit too far with the felony business.”

It doesn’t seem to me that Obama’s doing especially well, but judging by the flailing and desperation we’re seeing from his campaign, it must seem to them that he’s doing worse than I think.

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