BOMB BLAST IN BULGARIA – 3 Dead in Bus Carrying Israeli Tourists …Update: Israel Blames Iran

Terror attack occurs on 18th anniversary of attack on Jewish community in Buenos Aires.

(National Post)

Three Israeli tourists were killed today in Bulgaria when a bomb went off on their bus.
Reuters reported:

Three people were killed and several were injured by an explosion on a bus outside the airport of the Black Sea city of Burgas on Wednesday, Bulgarian police said.

The mayor of the city said the bus was carrying Israeli tourists, but the police could not immediately confirm the nationality of the tourists. Police said several other buses at the site had been damaged.

Burgas airport was closed after the blast and flights were redirected to the airport of Varna, police said.

UPDATE: There are reports it was a suicide bomber – in Bulgaria!
The reported:


It is believed a suicide bomber boarded the bus outside the Sarafovo airport and immediately detonated his bomb. The Bulgarian Interior Ministy confirmed the explosion had been a terrorist attack.

Local media in the resort of Burgas claim the bus was packed with Israelis, possibly members of a young basketball team on their way to a training camp.

UPDATE: Authorities now say the explosives were placed in the trunk of the bus. There were 40 passengers on the bus.

UPDATE: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said all signs point to Iran.

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