Clown-Faced #Occupy Seattle Goon “Shoots” At Police With Umbrella Prop Gun (Video)

Considering what just happened in Aurora, Colorado this was not only in poor taste but potentially dangerous.
An #Occupy goon taunted the police on Friday at a protest dressed as a clown and using an umbrella as if it were a gun – pointing and firing at police.

From the video: Occuclown uses umbrella as if it were a gun to “shoot” at cops during the “Bring the Fight to the Banks” rally and march in Seattle on July 20th, 2012.

Several times he is seen doing this, using it first like a shotgun, making loud “ba BAM” noises, then more like a full auto machine gun.

He and others continually taunt the police, calls Chief Diaz “Chief Dumbass”, and can’t tell the black officers apart, while calling them all racist.


Notice the positions of his trigger finger and right elbow, which are in correct positions. Makes me wonder if he is possibly a trained shooter.

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