Ann Romney – A Coal Miner’s Granddaughter – Will Visit Welsh Cousins This Week During London Trip

Did you know Ann Romney is a coal miner’s granddaughter?
Yeah… didn’t think so.

The Democrat-media complex has done its best work in hiding this from the American people.
Thank goodness for British news websites.

Ann Romney, the granddaughter of a Welsh coal miner, will visit her cousins from the mining valleys this week while visiting England.
The Daily Mail reported:


She calls herself the ‘coal miner’s granddaughter’ and is proud of her homespun wisdom and connection with the concerns of aspirational hard-working Americans.

But when Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, told voters recently: ‘I feel I am just one foot away from where that mine was and how close we all are to the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents who tried to make a better life for us,’ she wasn’t talking about the coalfields of Kentucky or West Virginia, but those in the Welsh valleys.

After the Romneys attend the Olympics opening ceremony in London this week, they will meet Ann’s cousins from the mining valleys; relatives who will no doubt add to her pride in their extraordinary family story.

That story includes grinding poverty, a wedding day betrayal and even a gunfight with Al Capone’s henchmen.

And Ann Romney’s Welsh family will be hoping that in November they will be able to write another chapter of the family history – about how she became First Lady of the United States of America.
amid all the electioneering, it is mother-of-five Ann who is being seen by his camp as his secret weapon in the race to the White House.

She will provide a dash of blonde glamour in front of the television cameras and the kind of human face that the Romney team hope will convince American voters that they are a run-of-the-mill family with everyday concerns.

America already knows about 63-year-old Ann’s battles with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis, and her working-class background in the mining valleys of Wales.

Even her sons have been schooled in their Welsh roots. ‘Mom never lets us forget we’re Welsh,’ Craig, 30, has said, displaying a black shoulder bag with a red dragon logo.

Tagg, 41, added: ‘We all grew up very aware of our Welsh heritage. My mother can still speak some Welsh that she learned from her grandmother.’

Unlike many Americans who boast of their Irish, Scottish or English roots while having only the haziest idea of life in the ‘Old Country’, Ann Romney has a direct and vivid connection to her family past.

Her father, Edward Davies, known as Rod, was born in the mining village of Nantyffyllon, near Bridgend, and emigrated to America with his mother Annie, brother David and sister Margaret in 1929 as worldwide economic depression loomed.

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