Allen West Calls Out Obama: “He Does Not Want You to Have Self-Esteem… He’d Rather You Be His Slave” (Video)

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) blasted far left President Barack Obama on Sunday.
West told supporters, “He does not want you to have self-esteem… He’d rather you be his slave.”

FLDemocracy reported:

Republican Rep. Allen West kicked off his Treasure Coast campaign for congressional District 18 on Sunday with a rally, during which he criticized President Obama on a variety of issues, using phrases and language guaranteed to get attention.

“He does not want you to have the self-esteem of getting up and earning and having that title of American. He’d rather you be his slave,” said West.

“I am offended by some of the things he says and does,” said Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder, West’s challenger in the Aug. 14 primary.

Outside the rally, about 30 protesters held signs and chanted, declaring their distaste for the man speaking inside the Port St. Lucie Civic Center.

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