WI SEIU Goon Whines About Conservative Media Then Grabs Conservative Reporter’s Camera (Video)

The tolerant left strikes again…
SEIU executive Bruce Colburn delivered a speech on the conservative media at a campaign event in Wisconsin this weekend. Then, he grabbed a conservative reporter’s camera outside in the hall.
Breitbart.com reported, via Lucianne:

The Wisconsin-based MacIver Institute has been one of the New Media heroes on the ground during this entire Wisconsin recall mess, and in the video below, you’ll see that the frustration anti-Walker forces feel towards New Media is at first amusing, as SEIU executive Bruce Colburn whines to the crowd specifically about New Media. But in the video’s second half, things turn a little frightening as Colburn physically manhandles a camera held by a MacIver reporter:

They don’t like answering questions.

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