UPROAR IN INDONESIA After Child Prisoner Abuse Exposed on YouTube

Indonesian lawmakers have called for an investigation after a video of child prisoner abuse was exposed on YouTube.
Religion of Peace reported:
(Warning on Violence)

The Jakarta Globe reported:

Lawmakers have called for an investigation into alleged child prisoner abuse in South Kalimantan after a YouTube video was posted in April that shows two imprisoned youths slapping each other at the behest of their guards.

“In the YouTube video, some people in police uniforms asked two children to slap each other through ‘suit’ [Indonesian traditional hand game similar to rock paper scissors],” lawmaker Aboebakar Alhabsyi said on Tuesday. “Those who lose are slapped or knocked on the head by the winner.”

The video, titled “Abuse in Martapura Police Office” and uploaded on April 14, allegedly shows two child prisoners behind bars playing “suit” at the order of police officers. In the initial rounds, the winner slaps the cheek of the loser. As the game escalates, the loser is knocked on the head, punched in the forehead and slapped with two hands simultaneously.

While the participants don’t appear to enjoy the game, men in police uniforms can be heard laughing loudly as the kids hit each other.

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