Stuxnet…The White House Reveals Their Depravity

There is no moral code guiding the White House.  None.

If we had any doubt the Israelis might not share their national defense plans with the U.S. those can be solidly put to rest.  In a complete betrayal to America, its national security, and the security of our allies in the Middle East, the Obama Administration leaked TS/NO FOR/Special Access information regarding Stuxnet.  This is a national security acronym for Top Secret/ No Foreign/ Special Access only.  But, to Obama’s intimate team of depraved idiots, desperate to rewrite public opinion of a complete loser, this means absolutely…nothing.  A campaign hungry to create a “really cool president” needs to be fed by some “really cool stuff”.  So, information protected by TS/NO FOR/Special Access only clearance is released to the whole wide world, which includes our enemies.  That would be the No Foreign part.

The Foundry reported,


The New York Times revealed today in a major news article that the well-known Stuxnet malware attack on the Iranian nuclear program was, in fact, an American operation. Most experts had felt that was the most logical conclusion, but it had never been confirmed. The Times report is based on interviews with anonymous sources “because the effort remains highly classified, and parts of it continue to this day,” reporter David Sanger wrote. While this is an acknowledgement of U.S. prowess in cyberwarfare, the revelation is an inexcusable breach of security that seems to be a part of a disturbing trend.

One has to ask: Why is the Obama Administration choosing to continue revealing operational information that is normally not released? This includes the specific units that conducted the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, information from the bin Laden compound, classified information on the bin Laden raid, details of drone operations, and now secrets about cyberwarfare. There is NO good operational reason for doing this. The only “logical” reason is a tight race for presidency. Does this mean that the closer that we get to the election, the more operational secrets will be given away?

The larger reality is that these leaks, designed to highlight the President’s credentials as a tough leader, are trying to mask the fact that Obama has virtually nothing to show on key national security issues. Progress in the big and important issues, such as relations with China and Russia, broadly fending off Iranian nuclear development, and keeping the rogue regime in North Korea inside its box, have all proven elusive for this Administration.

When progress is absent, a desperate Administration may use leaks, even if it harms national security. The Times reports that Obama “repeatedly expressed concerns that any American acknowledgment that it was using cyberweapons…could enable other countries, terrorists or hackers to justify their own attacks.” So either the Administration completely disregarded its prior national security concerns, or it has no control over sensitive information. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

“A desperate Administration may use leaks, even if it harms national security.”  The level of treachery and complete depravity Obama and his minions-of-Socialist-evil are willing to unleash on their own country is unspeakable.  Who cares if Iran builds nuclear weapons to destroy Western civilization?  Obama is so cool.  All corners of the political spectrum, including loyal Democrats, are now calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor.  That should be fun during an election season.

Update:  The Washington Free Beacon has Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Senator Dianne Feinstein on Obama’s WH Intel leaks.  She said, in all her years on the Intelligence Committee she “has never seen it worse”.

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