Barking Mad… St. Louis Animal Rights Protest Infiltrated By Obama Dog-Eating Signs

This was too easy.
Animal Rights activists held a protest in St. Louis today with giant inflatable dog on a bun.
We decided to meet them downtown.

“Hey Obama, Lunch Is Served”

Animal rights activists from Mercy For Animals held a protest today in downtown St. Louis across from the Old Courthouse. The protest was an attempt to bring awareness to pain suffered by farm animals.


We will be joined by a massive, 10-foot inflatable puppy in a hamburger bun. The puppy will be covered in ketchup, mustard, cheese, and lettuce.

This traffic-stopping demonstration will expose consumers to the reality that farmed animals are every bit as capable of experiencing pain and suffering as the dogs and cats so many of us know and love, yet are forced to endure egregious cruelty throughout their lives and are brutally slaughtered. Activists will also be holding signs in protest of cruelty to farmed animals.

A group of local conservatives decided to hold our own protest and bring awareness to Barack Obama’s dog-eating habits.

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Then we left the protest and ate a delicious meat lunch.

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