Sad… Claire McCaskill Still Believes Missourians Are Too Stupid to Understand Obamacare

Claire thinks Missourians are stupid.

71% of Missouri voters rejected Obamacare at the polls in August 2010.

In Missouri, PoliticMo reports Sen. Claire McCaskill is doubling down on her support of ObamaCare and still saying Missourians just don’t understand what’s in the controversial bill.


While all three of her Republican rivals made clear their intention to repeal the Democrats’ 2010 health care law, incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill is standing by it. McCaskill, up for reelection for the first time since voting for the president’s controversial law, said she is proud of many provisions in the law, including ones that allow young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance until their mid-20’s, that disallow insurance companies from discriminating against patients based on preexisting conditions, and that expand preventative care for seniors.“I understand that parts of it are not popular, but I don’t think most Missourians understand whats all in it because it hasn’t gone into effect yet,” McCaskill said in an interview. “I think if they give it a chance, they might be surprised how much they like it.”

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