Figures. Jesse Jackson Compares Scott Walker to George Wallace (Video)

Before the historic recall vote yesterday, Jesse Jackson compared Governor Scott Walker to noted racist George Wallace.
Jackson said the recall race was a defining moment in “Civil Rights” history.

What a complete jerk.
The Politico reported:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Tuesday that Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who is facing a historic recall election, is trying to do in Wisconsin what anti-civil rights and segregationist George Wallace tried to do as governor of Alabama.

“Wallace tried to deny the right to vote and Walker’s trying to limit access to voting with the voter ID scheme and the roll purging,” Jackson told POLITICO. “What happened in the south with Wallace as the governor of Alabama, it symbolized the Southern Manifesto: the resistance to voting and the resistance for workers right to organize. … What’s happening in Wisconsin is an attempt to revert to that time.”

Speaking from Milwaukee where he is rallying Democrats to cast their ballots for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Jackson warned that Walker – who came under fire soon after being sworn into office for passing legislation that got rid of many collective bargaining rights for public employees in his state – shares Wallace’s radical views.

“It is an all-out assault on workers’ right to collective bargaining, attack on voter rights access, attack on the poor. It amounts to tax cuts for the wealthy and job cuts for the workers and more pain for the very poor. That’s what this governor represents,” Jackson said of Walker. “This is a typical southern strategy … Wallace represented the anti-civil rights, anti-social rights, anti-women agenda.

Shame about last night’s thumping… Huh, Jesse?

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