Pro-Life Catholic School Bus Fire-Bombed in Rockford (Video)

A large school bus owned by the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy that was fire bombed on Friday night in Rockford, Illinois. The inside of the bus was completely destroyed.

Pro-Life Corner reported:

A large school bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, that is well known throughout Rockford for its beautiful pro-life pictures and words asking people to “pray to end abortion”, was fire bombed on Friday night. The damage was extensive to the bus as windows were broken in on both sides and fire bombs were thrown inside to cause maximum damage.It has been speculated that this bombing of a pro-life Christian school bus is in retaliation for the closing of the Rockford abortion mill that is located not far from where the school bus was attacked.

It’s interesting that abortion supporters in Rockford not only kill children in the womb but may well have destroyed a school bus used by children as an act of revenge for the closing of their child killing center.

Hat Tip Mad Hatter

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