#Occupy Goons March on Official’s Home With Pitchfork, Torch US Flag & Sing “F*ck You America” (Video)

#Occupy Oakland goons threatened Oakland city council member Patricia Kernighan after she proposed an ordinance that would outlaw weapons at #Occupy demonstrations. The local #Occupiers didn’t like this. They printed out “Wanted” posters, marched to her house with a pitchfork, torched the US flag in the street and sang “Fu*ck you, America.”

Citizen Journalist reported:

Oakland city council member Patricia Kernighan was concerned about public safety.

She was particularly concerned about the turmoil and disruption that Occupy brought to Oakland. So she proposed an ordinance that would outlaw bringing to demonstrations some of the common “tools of violence” that Occupiers frequently used, such as impact-resistant shields, hammers, aerosol cans, pressurized paint sprayers, paint projectiles, and fire accelerants—all of which have been deployed by Occupy Oakland.

The ordinance came up for a vote on May 22. Occupiers packed the meeting with about 40 people and spent almost 2 hours cursing and yelling at Kernighan and other council members.

Here is video of the #Occupy protest at Kernighan’s home.

on June 11, around 40 people actually marched on Kernighan’s home, at least one person carrying a pitchfork, and rang her bell. Kernighan apparently wasn’t home. This seemed to stymie the Occupiers. So they made speeches to themselves, burned an American flag, sang “fuck you America”, and then walked dejectedly home again.

Much more here.

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