Obama’s Campaign Event Registry Is So Bizarre It Already Has Its Own Snopes Entry

Go figure.
Barack Obama’s Event Registry is so bizarre and controversial that it already has a Snopes entry.
Via Instapundit:

From Snopes:

Origins: On 22 June 2012 a notice was posted to the blog at BarackObama.com notifying readers of the Obama Event Registry, a mechanism allowing users with upcoming special events (such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings) to register and express their preference for friends to send donations to the Obama re-election campaign in lieu of presents:

We don’t know who within the Obama campaign or administration might have conceived or approved the idea of the registry, but it appears to be real, as the announcement of it was posted to the official Obama campaign web site, and the registration mechanism allowing users to solicit campaign contributions does function.

Even Snopes thinks its bizarre.

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