Obama Accused of Dissing Two Top US Allies in One Day

He’s got that magic touch.
Barack Obama was accused of dissing two top US allies in the same day.

(US News)

The Obama Administration refused to say it will recognize results of Falklands referendum, upsetting American ally Great Britain.
The Telegraph reported:


Just ahead of the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the Falklands, the Obama presidency is still appeasing Argentina. An extraordinary exchange took place yesterday between State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland and Associated Press correspondent Matthew Lee at a press conference held in Washington. Lee (and another journalist) pressed Nuland repeatedly on whether or not the Obama administration would respect the results of the forthcoming Falklands referendum. Nuland consistently reiterated the US position of “neutrality,” at no point acknowledging the right of self-determination of the Falkland Islanders. Nuland ended the briefing saying she would be “delighted to take the question” on the Falklands, but offered no further comment on it.

It is a sad day when the present leadership of the greatest democracy in the world cannot bring itself to respect the right of 3,000 Falkland Islanders to decide their own destiny.

Also today the The Jewish Daily Forward reported that Obama called the current Israeli government “extreme right” and accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not wanting “any restraints.”

According to accounts provided by participants in the closed-door meeting with Orthodox leaders, Obama, just as he did a week earlier with the Conservative movement, gave an open and detailed account of his relations with Israel, an issue that has won him criticism especially in Orthodox circles.

To the small group attending the meeting, Obama said there should be no doubt about his “fidelity” to Israel, adding a request to understand that disagreements do not necessarily impact the friendship between the nations.

When asked what lesson he had learned from attempts to broker an Israeli–Palestinian accord, the President responded that his key takeaway is that “it’s really hard” and that trying to get the parties to agree entails great potential for misunderstanding. Obama attempted to dispel the notion that he had pressured Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu unfairly and said that his administration was, in fact, “more attentive” to Israel than to the Palestinians.

The President described Israel’s government as having been extreme right and said that Netanyahu, just like any other world leader, does not want “any restraints,” and does not want to be seen as a weak leader.

This is despite the fact that Israel has offered concessions in the absence of Palestinian concessions.

Nice work, Barack.

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