Truther Loons Spray-Paint “Hoax” on 9-11 Memorial

Some loon spray-painted “hoax” on the New Jersey 9-11 Memorial this week.

Was Van Jones in New Jersey?

The vandalism was discovered on Monday morning.
NBC New York reported:

A 9/11 memorial in New Jersey that features a steel beam from the World Trade Center was defaced with the word “hoax” spray-painted in black letters across its base.

The graffiti was discovered Monday morning, according to North Brunswick officials.

“For me, it’s a sense of disbelief that someone could do this,” said Lou Ann Benson, director of the Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Services.

She said that the vandalism was especially hurtful to the community, because so many families in North Brunswick were affected by the terrorist attacks.

The memorial – two stone hands lifting up a red beam from the trade center – were placed at the 9/11 memorial park in 2003. The beam, taken from ground zero, was specifically chosen by representatives of the town for the memorial, which also features the names of those who died.

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