New Mexico Gets Republican Squish, Heather Wilson, For U.S. Senate Race

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By: Rachel Pulaski

On Tuesday, conservatives lost a battle for the Republican US Senate seat in New Mexico. Conservative candidate, Greg Sowards, lost to “moderate” Republican, career politician, and Queen Rino, Heather Wilson.  Despite receiving a recent endorsement from Rand Paul, and last week releasing an effective attack ad against Wilson, Sowards lost the primary, only receiving 30% of the Republican vote.  The ad released by Sowards’ campaign, perhaps too late in the election, called out her past votes to increase the debt ceiling multiple times, and her vote in favor of S-Chip (precursor to Obamacare) as well as increasing its budget. Soward’s ad also pointed out Wilson voted in favor of TARP, voted yes to the UN Cap and Trade Scheme, and while serving in Congress she voted in favor of increasing her pay 6 times.



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