MSNBC Cranks: Asking For an ID to Vote Is Just Like a Racist Poll Tax (Video)

New York Times crank columnist Charles Blow and MSNBC attack dog Martin Bashir whined about the new voter ID laws in Pennsylvania yesterday.
(Democrats hate it when they can’t steal elections.)

The two loons were upset with comments made by Pennsylvania State House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, (R-Bradford Woods) about the newly enacted voter identification law. Speaking at a meeting of the Republican State Committee in Hershey over the weekend, Turzai bragged about the Pennsylvania legislature passing a number of new laws including a new voter ID law in the state – and how this would help Mitt Romney take Pennsylvania in November.

Bashir and Blow agree asking for an ID to vote is like bringing back the poll tax.
It’s racist.


This is why Democrats don’t like voter ID laws:
** Philly city commissioners are investigating 83 Philadelphia voting districts where more votes were cast in last year’s municipal primary election than the number of people who voted.

** In Wisconsin in 2004 there were 4,500 more votes than voters in the presidential elections.

** In Indiana, Prosecutors in South Bend filed charges in April 2012 against four St. Joseph County Democratic officials and deputies as part of a multiple-felony case involving the alleged forging of Democratic presidential primary petitions in the 2008 election.

That’s why Democrats don’t like voter ID laws.

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