Missouri GOP Primary Senatorial Debate on 97.1 FM

Missouri Republican Senate candidates are holding a debate tonight at Lindenwood College in St. Charles, Missouri. The debate is being moderated by Jamie Allman of 97.1 FM. The debate will feature candidates Todd Akin, Sarah Steelman, and John Brunner giving their ideas on all the big issues as they vie for the Republican nomination. Dana Loesch will be on the panel asking questions.

You can watch the debate live here by sponsored by Missouri News Horizon.

You can listen to it live here.


This may be the largest broadcast and live web stream for a U.S. Senate primary debate in Missouri’s history.
The event is sold out.

UPDATE: Live From the Catacombs posted debate analysis.

Friend and fellow activist Van Harvey added this on the debate:

Steelman had some good answers, but mostly hesitantly given, almost as if trying to pull from memory, often caught mid thought at end of answer period – verbal tick “Old boys club”
Bruner had some good answers but often from mgmt perspective, instead of essential principle driven – verbal tick “Career Politician”
Akin, had good good, better & best answers, smoothly delivered, and driven by key principles – he had me with ‘Repeal Dept of Ed., repeal Dept of Energy and repeal EPA!’ and then ‘Repeal 17th Amdt and promote Madisons’ lost amendment’!

I came hoping to be won over by Bruner – didn’t happen.

I’d say Akin was the easy winner of the night, we’ll see how the coming months go.

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