Misogynist Christian-Hater Bill Maher: “The Problem With Racism Is Matt Drudge” (Video)

Should this far left woman hater really be pointing fingers?
Far left misogynist and Christian-Hater Bill Maher told his audience this week:
“The problem with racism is Matt Drudge.”
Really Bill?

The Daily Caller

On his weekly show on Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher suggested that the content that appears on the Drudge Report obviously demonstrates “racism in America.”

In objecting to accusations of racism against Gwyneth Paltrow for a a June 1 tweet with the heading “Ni**as in paris for real,” Maher directed his audience to Matt Drudge as a foil for, in his mind, actual racism.

Maher’s evidence of Drudge’s alleged racism came in the form of six images of black men, which appeared on the webmaster’s website, the Drudge Report, during the month of April.

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