Lamestream Media: A Walker Loss in Wisconsin Means Obama Wins – A Walker Win In Wisconsin Means… Obama Wins Too

Oh brother.

Heads I win… Tails you lose.
Now that Republican Governor Scott Walker is leading in the polls, the media has found a new narrative on the recall in Wisconsin.
BuzzFeed put it this way.

The key to this election, however, is not really whether Governor Walker wins. More or less everyone expects him to do that. The key is how much he wins by. The crude calculation is this: Walker defeat equals certain Obama win in November. Walker win by 1-5 percentage points equals very close presidential general election (nationally). A Walker win by 6 points or more equals Mitt Romney is the favorite to win in November.

Obama won Wisonsin by 14 points in 2008. This will be the, what, fourth straight loss for Democrats in the state now? And, yet the media wants to pretend like a small Walker win is meaningless. What BS.

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