Karl Rove On Pelosi’s Jail Fantasies: “She Sounds a Little Like Inspector Clouseau and the Mad Red Queen” (Video)

Karl Rove responded tonight to Nancy Pelosi’s statements that she could have arrested Karl Rove on “any given day.” Of course, Pelosi was just talking smack. She had no authority to back up her jail fantasies. Karl Rove set the record straight tonight with Greta Van Susteren.

“She’s dead wrong… It’s nice to know Speaker Pelosi wanted to have me arrested. It’s nice to know she thinks she had the power to. But, we’re still a nation of laws and she had no authority to do so and had she attempted to arrest me on any of the number of times that I was in and out of Capitol without a resolution passed by the entire House of Representatives she would have been up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle. She sounds a little bit like Inspector Clouseau and a little like the Mad Red Queen.”

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