Jewish Boy Fire Branded By Classmates in Norway

Fire branded.  These are the burns the Jewish student sustained at a school barbecue on Monday.

A Jewish boy was fire branded by classmates at a class picnic in Norway.
Israel What reported:

Two years ago, when her son was in eighth grade, his mother told the NRK evening news about anti-Semitic harassment. The last school year has been better for the boy in the Oslo school, until yesterday. Then, he was fire branded.

The 16-year-old boy was enjoying his grilled chicken when a red-hot coin was placed on his neck by a fellow student, an ethnic Norwegian.The coin made a very visible burns on the boys neck.

It was one of the regular anti-Semites [in the son’s class] who heated the coin on the grill and pressed it onto the neck of my son. The red hot coin burned through to the flesh, the mother told on Monday night. On Tuesday afternoon she explains that a teacher observed the incident and told the culprit “you’re mad.” Yet no representative from the school made contact with the mother afterwards.

This fits into a pattern from the school, the mother said. Already in March 2010 she told NRK how school staff failed to intervene, but applied a policy of avoidance.

– I see this avoidance as a dangerous development among both ethnic Norwegian and immigrant groups. And that nobody, neither teachers or principals, intervene in this matter. There is a refusal to address these issues, it is too sensitive, she told the NRK at the time.

The interview from 2010, on Norwegian national news where the mothers identity was kept anonymous, is still available at

His mother told about “clear anti-Semitic harassment, expressed verbally and physically.”

– They say they are going to kill all the Jews, and use offensive language such as “Jewish pigs” and “Jewish satan” she added…

The Anti-Semitic incidents against her son has persisted even after the mother told her story to NRK, but she says that the situation for his son has been better in the last school year. This is due not least to the fact that he has made new friends among immigrants with a non-Muslim background.

He shuns Norwegian children and Muslim children. That’s where the anti-Semitic attacks originate, the mother says.

What would have happened if your son didn’t have an Israeli father?

– The situation would have been quite different, the mother says. She is convinced that this last episode at the barbecue party has an anti-Semitic motivation. One of the reasons why the boy’s father returned to Israel, was that he suffered anti-Semitism in Norway.

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