Islamists Bomb Church – 14 Christians Slaughtered

14 more Christians slaughtered in Nigeria–

The Islamist group “Boko Haram” is believed to be behind the bombing today. Religious clashes between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria are not uncommon. “Boko Haram”, which translates to “no Western culture.” The militants in Nigeria has killed more than 480 people, including Muslims.

Fourteen Christians were slaughtered today in Nigeria when a bomb went off in church near the capital.
ZeeNews reported, via Free Republic:

At least 14 people were killed when a bomb went off in a church near the capital of Nigeria’s northern state of Bauchi, police said on Sunday.

A police source said that security forces have gone to the scene of the incident to verify the extent of damage.

No group has claimed responsibility but the attack bears the signature of a radical Islamic militant sect – Boko Haram – which has been bombing churches and other public squares in the oil-rich African country with the intention of installing an Islamic state.

The group had targeted and killed several politicians and Muslim religious leaders in the northern region for not conforming to their aspiration.

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