Good Grief… Cheapskate Obama Cuts Off Minibar From Campaign Contest Winners

No minibar for you!

Barack and Michelle Obama may enjoy the high life of swank vacations and multiple golf outings. (SFGate)

But that doesn’t mean they want the same thing for you dummy.
The Obama Campaign is warning “Dinner with Barack” winners not to use the minibar in your hotel room. The campaign ain’t paying for it.

President Barack Obama’s Monday evening campaign email warned supporters not to “break in to [sic] that minibar” if the recipient wins a trip to have dinner with Barack and Michelle Obama. Contestants can enter the contest by donating $3 to the campaign.

The warning comes on the heels of reports that the “free” dinners, which the campaign says include travel and lodging expenses, are valued at $4,800 and could end up costing winners hundreds of dollars in taxes.

Counter Contempt has more.

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