Flash Mobbery Portland: Black Mobs Loot Albertsons and Nordstroms in Portland Area

A flash mob targeted a Troutdale, Oregon Albertsons store last weekend. Investigators are trying to identify the suspects.
KGW reported:

Another flash mobbery was reported at a local Nordstrom’s store in the area.
World Net Daily reported:

Black mob violence has taken on a new note in Portland, Ore. It’s not the unsuspecting passersby or the corner convenience store that’s the target here.

It’s Nordstrom’s.

Just weeks ago, a group of 10-15 hoodie-wearing blacks allegedly stole clothing and raced out of the store. Their actions were captured on video.

So far, the evidence makes it looks like just one more of the hundreds of episodes of racial lawlessness that have taken place in more than 60 cities over the last three years.

But on a local forum, the reaction gave the situation a truly unique flavor:

“As an employee of a Portland area Nordstrom I have to wonder why you think that we care?” said Jason Handleman. “Things like this make work interesting and I hold no ill-will toward anyone in this group. Our security personnel spend more time concerned with employees than clientele, and honestly most employees, at my store, would not help them if they were in an altercation.”

A Nordstrom manager did not respond to a request for comment.

But other Portland commenters joined in the forum. From an anonymous participant, “Rich white high school students wait, and grow up to flash mob our economy and legally manipulate our Congress with unregulated lobbying. They are taught by their rich white parents that they are helping grow the economy through deregulation and small government.

“Funny, the Oregonian does not report on the rich old white guys who flash mob and are hijacking our economy and schools. It’s well reported in many respected and less corporate newspapers: Guardian, BBC, Aljazeera, Le Monde, and Democracy Now.”

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