Egyptian Sources: Mubarak Crony Will Be Declared Winner of Elections

On Sunday the Egyptian government will announce the winner of the country’s presidential elections. Government sources leaked that Ahmed Shafik will be declared the winner.
The Jerusalem Post reported:

Ahmed Shafik, who served as Egyptian prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, will be announced as the winner of the country’s presidential runoff election on Sunday evening, Egpytian daily Al-Ahram reported Friday, citing government sources.

Al-Ahram quoted a source in the current Egyptian government as saying Shafik will be declared victor with 50.7 percent of the vote.

Both Shafik and rival candidate Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood have previously declared themselves the winner of the runoff election.

The results of the election were originally scheduled to be announced on Thursday, but the announcement was delayed as Egypt’s electoral commission investigated charges of fraud lodged by both sides.

Egypt’s military rulers dismissed complaints from protesters on Friday that it was entrenching its rule and blamed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsy for stirring up emotions that drew thousands onto Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The Egyptian electoral commission will unveil presidential elections results on Sunday at 3pm (1pm GMT).

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