Donald Trump Warns: “The Biggest Thing Romney Has to Fear Is the Press. They Don’t Tell the Truth”

The Donald gets it.
The Donald told Romney supporters on Friday that the media are the biggest threat to Mitt Romney’s presidential run.

Donald Trump spoke for an hour at the North Carolina Republican Convention yesterday.

MSNBC reported:

Donald Trump on Friday warned that the media are the biggest threat to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, but added that the press he has garnered for the Republican nominee has caused his poll numbers to rise “very substantially.”

Speaking at the North Carolina GOP Convention, Trump praised Romney for his business experience and promise to stand up against China and fight for American economic interests. But the business mogul also focused a portion of his speech on his questions about where President Obama was born. It is the reason why on Tuesday, when Romney earned the 1,144 delegates necessary to secure his party’s nomination, much of the news cycle was devoted to his decision to appear with Trump at a fundraiser that day.

A desire by the media to protect Obama is the reason Trump told the more than 1,000 people gathered here that reporters are “really dishonest” and “the biggest thing Mitt Romney has to fear is the press. They don’t tell the truth.”

But, speaking to reporters after the speech, Trump said it was the media attention he drew for Romney that led to a spike in the polls. “I think he got the headline on a day where I did get a lot of press, and interestingly, since then, his polls numbers have gone up very substantially,” Trump said of his appearance with Romney. “So I really think, and he really thinks, that the press has helped and it’s been good.”

Related… The media today attacked Mitt Romney for a slight error in his Solyndra speech this past week – and gave Obama a pass for blowing $500 million on a failed green venture linked to a top donor.

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