Disgusting!… California Official Caught on Tape Beating Stepson With Belt For Dropping Ball While Playing Catch (Video)

Anthony Sanchez, an elected California water official, was arrested this weekend after video was posted by a neighbor showing him beating his stepson with a belt while playing catch. The neighbor screamed at Snachez to stop beating his kid. This was disturbing to watch.
(Warning on language and abuse)

The neighbor posted the video on YouTube before calling the police.
KTLA reported:

An Imperial Valley water agency director has been arrested after he was allegedly caught on video beating his stepson over a game of catch.

The video shows a man playing a game of catch with his young stepson. The boy drops the ball, and that’s when the man, identified by authorities as Anthony Sanchez, begins whipping him with a belt.

Neighbor Oscar Lopez shot the video Wednesday morning from inside his home. After a minute, Lopez can be heard on the tape telling Sanchez to stop.

“I’m a [expletive] father too,” Lopez says.

Lopez posted the video on Facebook and YouTube before turning it in to authorities on Thursday.

Thank God for that courageous neighbor.

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