Pelosi: House Contempt Vote Is Really About Stopping Holder From Fighting Voter Suppression (Video)

No, Nancy… The contempt vote was about the DOJ’s contempt of Congress.

Minority Leader Pelosi told reporters today that the House Oversight Committee contempt vote yesterday was really about stopping Eric Holder from fighting voter suppression.


There are rumors Ma Pelosi was drunk during the presser – which would actually be a good thing for her reputation.

More… Rush Limbaugh added this on Pelosi’s press conference.

RUSH: We need a new planet. We need a new planet called Stupider, and I need to put Nancy Pelosi on it as the mayor of the whole planet, as the governor, as the evil emperor, whatever. I knew yesterday that it would take a while for these people to come up with an explanation, “Well, it’s common. Well, every president does it. Well, this is just a witch hunt.” But I never dreamed, because I can’t think this stupidly, I never dreamed that the official Democrat Party response would be that the Republicans intend to cheat in the election and Holder was gonna stop ’em, and so Holder has to be stopped because he was gonna stop the cheating. That’s what the mayor of the new planet Stupider, Nancy Pelosi, said this morning in Washington, DC. The very same people holding Holder in contempt are part of a nationwide scheme to suppress the vote. (laughing)

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