Barack Obama to Supporters: Don’t Trust “Facts and Figures” (Video)

New strategy: Tell Americans to disregard facts and figures.

Obama has increased federal spending by 30%   and added $5 Trillion to the national debt. Now he’s telling Americans not to trust the numbers.

Barack Obama also told the crowd,


“Even if you account for the steps we took to prevent a depression and jump start the economy, right, so you include the Recovery Act, to help states like Maryland, to make sure they didn’t have to lay folks off and put people back to work. Even if you take that into account spending under my Administration has grown more slowly than under any president in 60 years.”

Obama is still using the Blame Bush tactic:

“They (Republicans) order a steak dinner and martini and then, just as you’re sitting down, they leave, and accuse you of running up the tab.”

Maybe Obama is confused with the tabs footed by the taxpayers to pay for his lavish White House dinners with expensive wines and expensive Wagyu steak all while telling the people to “tighten their belts.

The numbers don’t lie, Mr. President, you do.

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