Alec Baldwin: Assaulting Photographers Is Funny (Video)

Far left actor Alec Baldwin told reporters that assaulting photographers was funny. He was heading out for breakfast with his “thoughtless little pig” daughter.

Baldwin discussed this week’s assault with David Letterman on Wednesday night…
He also dropped his pants for the liberal audience.

What a jerk.
The New York Dail News reported:


Petulant Alec Baldwin says punching photographers is his idea of comedy.

The 53-year-old sitcom star, speaking outside his East Village apartment, laughed Thursday when asked by the Daily News if he would consider anger management therapy.

Asked if he considered assaulting a photographer a joke, Baldwin shot back, “Yes, I do.”

The irascible actor lobbed a few additional insults at a News reporter before heading out to breakfast with his stunning 16-year-old daughter, Ireland.

Ireland, who Baldwin infamously called a “rude, thoughtless little pig” in a 2007 leaked voicemail message, appeared to have channeled the stunning looks and calm demeanor of her mother, Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger, during the stroll. Baldwin, whose marriage to Basinger ended in a bitter divorce, had seemingly found serenity with his new fiancee, yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, 28.

Alec Baldwin is involved in an incident with a photographer (Courtesy of The New York Daily News) — New York Daily News

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